Toyota MR2 Turbo Parts
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Engine Specs

- Normally-Aspirated: 5S-FE (2.2L)
- Turbo: 3S-GTE (2.0L)

The 5S-FE produced 130hp @ 5400rpm in 1991/92, 135hp from 93 on.

The 3S-GTE was always rated at 200hp @ 6000rpm and 200 lb.-ft or torque at 3200rpm according to Toyota.

In reality few 91/92 MR2 Turbo cars produced that much power in stock form.

The Turbo engine produced between 9-12psi in high boost mode. Boost can be limited by the to 7psi if the ECU detects conditions that could be dangerous to the engine. The ECU has a fuel cut that cuts boost if the manifold pressure exceeds 12psi. In reality, many owners have found that the boost cut does not engage until higher than 12psi.