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First Generation Models (MkI)

3.1 First Generation Models (MkI)

Number Sold In US: ?????
Recalls: ????
Price 1985: $??????
Current Price (2/98): $1000-2500

Number Sold In US: 29,855
Recalls: None.
Price 1986: $11,298
Current Price (2/98): $1000-3000
Introduced in mid 1985. 4 Cyl, 1.6 Liter powerplant
producing 112hp

Number Sold In US: 19,121
Exhaust pipe interference on 1102 1985-1987 models
Price 1987: $12,578
Current Price (2/98): $2000-3500
Base model added. T-Top Option added.


Number Sold In US: 9,857
Recalls: None.
Price 1988: $12,808 ($16,418 Supercharged)
Current Price (2/98): $2000-4000 NA; $2750-5000 Supercharged
Supercharged engine introduced as option. This marks the
first model ever introduced by Toyota with a Supercharger.
The Supercharger is of Toyota's own design, and features
an electromagnetic clutch to disengage the blower assembly
when not necessary so as to improve economy. Supercharger
increased power output to 145 hp.

Number Sold In US: 5,819
Recalls: None.
Price 1989: $13,798 ($17,628 Supercharged)
Current Price (2/98): $3000-4000 NA; $3000-6500 Supercharged
Rear stabilizer bar added to supercharged model.This is a
very desirable model year.

There was no official 1990 model year of the MR2. 1989
model year cars were sold until March of 1990, when the all
new MkII 1991 MR2 became available. Really. You don't have a
90. It's an 89 or a 91. Read the sticker under the hood.