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Four Generations Of MR2 MkII

From the Japanese car magazine "Evolution" comes this photo review of the MR2 MkII through four model years; a recollection of distinction in automotive history.

According to the mag this Crimson Red MkII was the first generation Mark II and was produced in October 1989. One notable feature are the 14 inch wheels.

The second generation was introduced in December 1991. Notice that the wheels have changed.

Judging from the article's layout, this cockpit is that of a first, and possibly second, generation MkII. Of course, this is a Japanese right-hand drive model. The shifter appears to have been changed in the second generation, sporting a shorter throw.

The third generation, my personal fave, sports an updated one-piece spoiler, color-matched body trim, and redesigned Ferrari-like taillight cluster. It was introduced in December 1993.

The fourth, and unfortunately last, generation of the remarkable MR2 was released in June 1996.

There are several visual updates in this model. Clear corners have been added and the front side reflector has been replaced by trim and moved near the driver's door above the trim. It is interesting that this particular model has returned to the separate colored trim abandoned in the previous generation. Also, it appears that Recaro seats were available in the 96 model.

The Specs!

Specifications for the MR2 are slightly different for the Japan models, including the horsepower. Also shown are the different engine bays from each of the model years.

The engine bays of turbos and 89 supercharged are shown.

Both the intake and valve covers have the Toyota emblem and Twin Entry Turbo insignia embossed...interestingly, the embossed insignias are absent in the later MR2 generations.

Dyno tables from the first two generations and the remaining two generations display the differences in horsepower and torque.

Wheels of Change

Wheels make the world go 'round, and are essential for MR2s. The first generation is 14 inches, while the second-third were upgraded to 15 inches. The fourth generation has the Toyota emblem embossed in the center punchout.

Japan's Ferrari!

No matter the generation, the MR2 is one of the most exciting, distinctive autos ever produced. Its mid-engine design and surgical precision suspension make for an incredible driving experience.

The Very Last MR2

Surprisingly, this Red Type IV MR2 on display in 1996 in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, was followed in 1997 by a 245 HP Type V.

Information courtesy of Troy Pummill