Toyota MR2 Turbo Parts
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The stock NA MR2 has the following gauges, going left to right: coolant temperature, 8000rpm tachometer, voltmeter, speedometer, and fuel level.

The stock Turbo MR2 has the same gauges, however, the voltmeter is replaced with a boost gauge, and has a 160mph speedo and 9000rpm tach.

The stock boost gauge can be replaced with the NA’s voltmeter with a minimum of modifications (nothing permanent).

Owners may want to add gauges to their car, to better monitor the engine’s vital signs. For turbo cars a boost gauge is important. An oil pressure gauge is also a good idea, preferable electronic-type (don’t want to run an oil line into the cabin), to hopefully prevent the catastrophic damage caused by a sudden loss in oil pressure.

Other common gauges added are: air-fuel meter, exhaust gas temperature, fuel pressure, and intake temperature.

Single and double pod molded plastic A-pillar mounts are the most common mounts for gauges, and can be purchased for under $30.