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An aftermarket intake is a quick and easy way to add 5-10hp. There are many intake kits available, including HKS, Greddy, APEX’i, K&N, Weapon R, RMS, TRD, etc. The APEX’i Super Intake seems to be highly regarded by many owners in that it filter very well, is reusable, and produces strong horsepower gains. The HKS and Greddy intake also produce strong gains, however, uses a foam element that does not filter as well as cotton filters. The HKS filter is not reusable. K&N filters are popular across the performance car community, and are reusable.

Owners considering an aftermarket intake should be warned that there will be an increase in intake noise, as you are removing the stock intake resonator. I add that I know of few people who complain though. If you are increasing boost on your MR2 Turbo it is highly recommended that you install an aftermarket intake before doing so.