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Is Toyota going to release a new version of the MR2?

2.3 Is Toyota going to release a new version of the MR2?

Not too long ago, Toyota unvelied a prototype car called the MRJ.
It featured a mid-engined convertible design that was similiar to
our beloved mr2.

Toyota appears to have taken this idea and altered it as they
have now been showing off the MRS (the S is for sport). It would
appear that this car will end up replacing the mr2 in the markets
where it still exists, and will also pop up in the other markets
too. The current date looks to be late 98 or 99.

The car appears to have a much more boxter-esque style to it.
Gone are the pop-up headlights and t-tops. The car is convertible
and is targeted to be under $20k (US dollars). Thus far, there
only appears to be an NA engine available but that could change.
It has a striking similiarity with the new Porsche Boxter and
features headlights that are very similiar to the new Honda
Prelude's. So far, many claim to like it, many claim to hate it.
Since this is personal preference though, I will leave my opinion
out of this.

It should also be noted though that Toyota could very well change
some features/appearance of the MRS. Only time will tell.

If you would like to see some pics of the possible mr2 replacement,
check out More info will be
posted as it comes in. Keep your eyes/ears peeled and fingers