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2.2.1  MkI

     The MkI MR2 was introduced in 1985.

     From the Lotus Motorsports FAQ:

     The first-generation MR2 was introduced during a period of close

     cooperation between Lotus and Toyota.  The Lotus Eclat was reworked

     with some Toyota parts to make the Excel during this period.  Toyota

     was also involved in design and specification of the M90/X100 prototype.

     (Borrowed directly from the Lotus FAQ)

     There are two rumors about Lotus' involvement with the MR2.  The

     "official" rumor is that the MR2 was designed "in-house" at Toyota by

     Lotus suspension engineer Roger Becker.  The other rumor is that the

     MR2 was an abandoned Lotus design (possibly the M90/X100).

     According to Doc Bundy, Lotusport Esprit driver, the MR2 is the X100.

     The MkI car has a 91 inch wheelbase, and in final form, offered two

     powerplants, one capable of 112hp, another capable of 145hp.

     The MkI automobile is rather angular, but has a look that is

     all its own.  Some say its ugly, some say it's much better

     looking than the MkII car.