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MkII, Turbocharged (3SGTE)

4.1.4 MkII, Turbocharged (3SGTE)

2.0 Liter, 16 valve, DOHC, Turbocharged. Stock turbocharger
is capable of producing up to 11.8 psi of boost. This
engine produces 200 hp at 6000rpm, and 200lb-ft of torque at
3000rpm in stock form. Upgrades are available claiming up
to 375HP. Not available in Switzerland,France, Australia (any others?)
There are people who have produced 500+hp from the engine with some

This engine is identical to the version found in the Celica
All-Trac Turbo. (yes, even the new one) TRD claims no difference
in power (and got pretty snippy when I asked, BTW). I've seen
articles examining the new 1996 Celica GT4 (Japan only) that claim
250 HP. Has modified head (larger valves), higher boost.

Boost gauge on the dash may show limited boost during cold
temperatures. Supposedly this is to prevent an overboost condition.
If you allow the air mass sensor to heat soak, the thermometer
that tells the car that it's cold will be fooled into thinking it's
warmer than it is. This will allow you a brief period of full boost.

Japanese 1995 car claims 245 HP using 13psi boost, stock.

TRD gets pretty snippy if you ask them about this, too. Actually,
in general, TRD seems to be always a bit snippy.