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2.2.2  MkII

     The second generation MR2 is somewhat larger (94.5 in

     wheelbase), with a more graceful body shape.  The MkII is

     also heavier, but does offer larger powerplants than the MkI

     car (135 hp and 200 hp) The MkII MR2 is often said to be

     reminiscent of the ill fated Pontiac GT.  Some prefer to

     think of its resemblance to the Ferrari 348tb.  Production

     has ceased for the US market, with 1995 being the last year. 

     The MR2 is still carried in other markets such as Japan and

     Australiawill be available in some other parts of the

     world, including Japan , but, if you didn't catch the previous

     sentence, not the US .  Japanese MR2 Turbo cars produce 245 HP.