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MR2 Model Details

MR2 Model Details:

1991-1992: 11,211 (1991) and 6,188 (1992) sold in the US. These model year cars were essentially identical. 1992 model year cars were not produced for a full year; instead, the improved 1993 version took over production lines in mid 1992. 14" wheels were standard, 195/60 front and 205/60 rear tires. The rear spoiler was optional on the N/A MR2, but dealers tended to equipment them with one.

1993: 2,917 sold in the US. Numerous changes from the 91/92 cars. Revised rear suspension geometry included 1" lower stance, different front and rear springs, bigger 15" wheels with 195/55 front and 225/50 rear tires, longer lug nuts front and rear, and different torsion bar and pivot points for reduced toe change under heavy cornering loads.

- Improved transmission in Turbo cars, with changes to the 2nd and 3rd gear syncros. Shorter throw manual shifter added. A limited slip differential was an available option on the Turbo model.

- Non-turbo models received 5-hp improvement to 135hp.

- Different throttle body on the Turbo, although not any wider diameter. Revised throttle linkage engagement.

- Front lip spoiler changed to a more angular design.

- Premium stereo option included 8-speakers versus the previous 7-speaker setup.

1994: 908 sold. No sunroof or hardtop body available for Turbo models. Dual airbags, revised taillights and new rear spoiler were incorporated. Lower body cladding, front lip spoiler and side black strip molding all painted to match body. Air-conditioning changed to meet environmental regulations. Improved shock rates.

1995: ~356 sold. Last year available in the US. No Turbo models available in California-emissions regulation states. Revised intercooler.

In the US the 94-95 are the rarest and most expensive versions of the MR2. Most MR2 Turbo were equipment with the T-top roof, fewer with a removable glass sunroof. The hardtop is rare in the US, and is highly sought by racers because of their lighter weight and stiffer chassis. In 1993 approximately 10 hardtop Turbos were sold in the US.

The MR2 continued to be available in Europe and Japan until 1998 model year. The JDM MR2 Turbo initially produced 220hp and 245hp at 14.5psi from 1994 on. Suspension revisions continued into the final year. Wheel design was changed every few years.

JDM non-turbo cars always utilized the 3S-GE engine instead of the 5S-FE. This engine is the same as the Turbo version, except with higher compression pistons, no turbocharger, different intake manifold, as well as other changes. Initially these engines produced 165hp, later 200hp.

The MR2 was also available in a limited edition convertible, known as the MR2 Spyder, in 1996. This should not be confused with the new MR2 Spyder available in the US. The new MkIII MR2 is known as the MR-S in Japan.