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New MR2 Owner

Hi, everyone!

I have been on this list for 5 or 6 months without an MR2 of my own (we had 2 civics - a 93 DX coupe and a 95 EX sedan), having to listen to how much fun you all were having in your MR2's!

Well, I finally did it about 3 weeks ago - I traded my Civic coupe in, and bought a Teal (anyone know the official name for this color) '93 Turbo that had 21k miles on it! It has every option that I have heard of... I paid $16.5 US for it.

I have been in heaven so far.... I was surprised that my insurance didn't go up too much (+ $55/6 months), and the car is great! A big step up from my civic in performance (of course) and in solid feel (although it was a easier to throw around at 700 lbs lighter).

I have a few questions: What would you guys recommend that a new owner does to their car when they purchase it? I am going to change the oil (Mobil 1 - what weight would be best?), and I would like to get a turbo timer and air filter (any suggestions and prices here?).... but I'm not sure what else!

For a stock car, how do you get the best acceleration off the line? Somewhere I saw that dropping the clutch from 2900 rpm gave the best 0-60, but this doesn't seem right - rpms drop pretty low, and I don't get much boost in 1st gear.

Any other info that I should know?

After driving 5 or 6 other MR2 Turbo's, and after driving Mark Sink's 87 NA, AND after hearing all the love stories on this list, when I drove my car and the Eclipse, I new which one was for me!

Sorry about the length of the letter...

Jamie Dennis
'93 Turbo, 22k miles - Teal

Information courtesy of Jamie Dennis