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The Name "MR2"

2.1  The Name "MR2"

Toyota originally explained the name "MR2" as meaning "Mid engined, Runabout, 2 seater" however, they now claim (and most owners prefer) the explanation of "Mid engine, Rear drive, 2 seater."  The car is also informally known as the "Mister Two."

The MR2 is actually known by a different name in France.  Rather than the MR2, it is known as the "Coupe MR," because "MR2" in French sounds a lot like "merdeux," >which means "shitty." Australian MR2's come in two flavours,the "MR2 Bathurst" and "MR2 GT," US MR2's "MR2 Turbo" and "MR2."