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Toyota MR2 Turbo

Mk2/MKII Model Info:

Toyota built the MkII MR2 between late-1989 and 1998 in Japan. The MR2 was first imported to the United States in early 1990 as a 1991 model year vehicle. The MR2 was available in the US with both normally aspirated and turbocharged engines. The body style was available in solid roof, sunroof, and T-top versions.

The US market MR2 was significantly updated and modified for the 1993 model year, with continued modifications in 1994 and 1995.

In the US market the MR2 sold in greatest quantity in 1991, with decreased sales every year thereafter. By 1994 the MR2 was quite a rarity, with less than 2000 sold statewide. The MkII MR2 was last sold in the 1995 model year, with less than 1000 sold. In Japan the MR2 continued to sell well into its final year, 1998.