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Wheels/Lug Nuts/Bolt Pattern

The stock wheels on the 91/92 models were 14" x 6" fronts and 14" x 7" rears, with a 45mm offset. Tires sizes were 195/60 front and 205/60 rear. Tires were V rated on Turbo models and H rated on non-turbo models. On the 1993+ models wheels were enlarged to 15" x 6" front and 15" x 7" rear, again with a 45mm offset. Tires were 195/55 front and 225/50 rear.

Owners often upgrade to 17" wheels, generally 17 x 7 front and 17 x 8 rear. Tires for the front typically don’t usually get any larger than 225, because of tire rubbing issues. Fender flares and smaller offsets with allow you to use larger wheels and tires. Rears can get as large as 255. Common tire combinations on 17-inch wheels are 215/45 front and 235/40 rear. The rear tires will be slightly larger than the stock 14-inch wheel/tire combination, so the speedometer will read slightly conservatively.

Many 91/92 owners upgrade to the 93 spec wheels, and often go with 205/50 front and 225/50 rear tires. This combination offers a good compromise between grip and cornering and comfort over bumpy roads.

For 1993, the lug nuts front and rear were lengthened slightly- between five and ten millimeters.

Lug nut pattern for the MkII is 5-on-114.3 mm. If you think that’s a bit peculiar as a size, its because it is a Ford bolt pattern converted to metric.