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Things That Typically Go Wrong in MR2's

There are several areas where most owners find themselves working on and replacing on their MR2s. Here is a list of many common problems found in the 91/92 Turbos. You can Contact Us anytime for further information on your specific problem(s).

Radio antenna: When the radio antenna fails to retract or deploy, it is usually because the plastic grooved cable inside the retractable antenna mast has become stripped. Toyota sells the antenna mast for $40 or so, and this can be fairly easy to replace.

Exhaust Manifold: In the 91/92 models the manifold can warp, causing an exhaust leak and reducing power and response. Often times the manifold warps because one of the seven studs has broken or one of the nuts and fallen off. Fixing this problem can be expensive, especially if you don’t do the work yourself. Listen for a crackling noise when the engine is cold and you depress the throttle.

Ball Joints: The ball joints on the MR2 can last a long time (100k miles), however, if you notice a shaking in your steering wheel at speed and you know that the wheels are all balanced and the alignment proper, than the ball joints may need to be replaced. Toyota sells these at ~$35/each.

Leather Seats: If the seats are taken very good care of they tend to crack, harden, and tear, especially in the T-top cars. If enough damage is done expect to need new leather. Expensive!

Bouncing Speedometer Needle: This is a common problem in the 91/92 cars as they utilize a cable run system. Sometimes the plastic speedo cable gear wears out at the gearbox, needing to be replaced. Other times the cable itself will fray, and will need to be replaced.

CD Player Skipping: The CD portion of the 3-n-1 stereo can sometimes misplay, skip, or not play, but this can be fixed fairly easily if your are prepared to open up the stereo unit.

Frozen Emergency Brake Cables: Over time the emergency brake cables can freeze up because of trapped moisture inside the cable shroud. The offending cable should probably just be replaced. Toyota sells them for around $50 for the left and right side cables. Use caution in the wintertime when using you E-brake.

Water Temperature Gauge Fails: Actually, it is the gauge’s sensor that typically fails. The sensor hooks up to the water elbow on the driver’s side of the engine. Expect the sensor to run $30.